Short documentary about motorcycle engineer Shinya Kimura.

Massimo Vignelli is a legendary designer who has worked in a wide variety of areas ranging from graphic design to environmental design. Some of you may recognize him from the excellent documentary Helvetica by Gary Hustwit, where he was one of the interviewees.

In this documentary, directed by John Madere, Massimo talks about design and among the topics are the Vignelli Center for Design Studios and the redesign of the New York subway map.

A short documentary about David A Smith – one of the few remaining glass artists in UK.

The documentary Undercity follows urban historian Steve Duncan as he gives us a glimpse of some of the underground spots in New York City and their inhabitants.

When Pierre was 20 years old he decided to leave Paris for Hollywood. Every night he becomes a superhero on Hollywood Boulevard.

75-year-old Ray Ives is a former commercial diver. In this documentary by Amanda Bluglass he tells his story and show us his museum of findings from over 50 years of deep sea diving in a 1900s diving suit.

Everything except the helicopter shots was filmed with DSLR cameras: a Canon EOS 7D for the ground work and a Canon EOS 5D Mark II for the underwater scenes.

The short documentary Last minutes with Oden follows Jason Wood as he has to give a final farewell to his life long friend Oden. The film was awarded Best Video, Best Documentary and Community Choice at the Vimeo Festival Awards 2010.

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